6 colour Fluorescent palette - Small Image

6 colour Fluorescent palette

Product Code: 01-010 PF06



Fluor Water Make-up Palette F6

6 x 2.5mls of fluorescent (UV) water activated colours.
White 010, Blue 330, Red 550, Orange 530, Lt Pink 520, Pink 560.

A good introduction to the world of UV.

"Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up is an unperfumed, gluten-free water-based make-up that illuminates under black light. It is intended for face-painting and body-painting. Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint."

"The number of colours of Grimas Fluorescent Water Make-up is limited because the other colorants currently available on the market that fluoresce under black light do not comply with Grimas' requirements for use near the eyes and mucous membranes. Grimas believes that such a requirement is obvious for cosmetics, particular if it is for make-up that is also going to be used on children."