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The grand daddy of theatre and face paint products. They have a big range of Aquacolours, which they are a bit secretive about. These glycerine based paints are lovely, easy to use with good coverage when new, but suffer from exposure to lots of hot sunny days out in the field (literally) by drying out and can become hard to 'work', so we do not routinely stock the standard colours.
The Interferenz range is softer and spectacular; we have selected the best Duochromes and Metallics which truly add another dimension to your work. Use sparingly; not only are they expensive, but this really is a case of 'less is more' as, if applied too thickly, they look clumpy and it can be difficult to apply detail with other aqua colours over the top.
Kryolan also have good Dayglo (UV) colours available in a cake form. These add an extra wow factor, but are a waste under fluorescent (strip) lighting or gloom as they need the UV component of natural light to come into their own. Proper UV (or black light) reveals their full potential.
We also stock the Soft Cream Aquacolour in pumps, really useful for body painting, but also suitable for face painting. They can be used direct from the pump (onto a palette or plate) so are a good idea in hospital settings where fresh product for each patient is required.

Kryolan also produce a huge range of theatrical and make-up products, if we don’t stock what you need, we can obtain by special order.


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