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 This website is built on years of experience in face paint products and working practice for everything to do with face painting. 

Anyone can use the site to find a face painter, go shopping, get training or information - and there are lots of free useful downloads and friendly advice about face painting.

You don't have to become a member, but there is even more for registered face painters who appear in the Facepainters' Directory, that's why they all look so happy!

Find out about all the benefits of registering on our members page.

Go to News in the menu for the latest updates, products and info.

Where next?

We hope you find www.facepaint-uk.com easy to use - there is lots to see and lots of helpful information.If you know what you are doing go straight to the bit you need but if you are a bit lost take the time to explore and read all the FAQs. Or email us, we love to help. email us here

In our Products section you will find our shop. It's packed full of face painting supplies of every sort and all the face paint products and brands that we like. We don't stock anything we don't find useful, and we have tried to find everything that we do! You'll also find lots of facepainting design ideas that we've used the products for, and mini reviews. New items are being added weekly, so keep coming back!

Under Painters you will find our Directory of facepainters from all over the UK with a unique search facility that will show you up to 10 painters nearest the postcode you enter. When we have a  broader spread across the UK, this will come into it's own. Or you could make your choice by browsing the complete directory. There is advice on booking a face painter so that you get the best you possibly can for your special event.

Look in the Training section for information on becoming a face painter, or honing your skills if you've already taken up the brush, sponge and pot! We are allied to the London School of Facepainting, whose classes are currently held in Brixton, south London.

You can look around a selection of the Members section, and wish you were, (you can find out about all the benefits of registering) and when you are, keep coming back as we have lots of stories to tell in our magazine - The Mirror, and more pictures of fabulous facepainting - we're dedicated to it!

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