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A relatively new semi-soft glycerine based product created by 'celebrity face painter' Jinny for Mehron, and a welcome addition to our palette. We bang on about the way they smell because we think it is gorgeous, though some just don't like strong scents. They also come in some very unusual colours.

Some of the colours suffer from sun melt, (noticeably dark green) to be remembered if you do a lot of work outdoors in the summer. The ingredients sound good enough to eat - aloe, chamomile, glycerine, avocado oil and cocoa butter - which gives them that wonderful aroma. The palettes are really swish, both the little silver ones which are great for a small kit, and the big pro palette for serious face painters. The brushes are well developed too, as you'd expect from a practicing painter, and the little Detailz pots with an integral applicator make perfect dots time after time.

Paradise Black is the best all round black we've found, glides on beautifully, stays solidly black (and doesn't melt in the sun) and really is paradise if you're a busy working face painter. It also washes off quite easily unlike some stronger products like DFX.

It is also a Vegan product.
It is labelled as not recommended for use on children under 3 years old.


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