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We are pleased to stock Diamond FX, some will be familiar with similarly packaged products under the labels Wolfe FX, TAG, Cameleon, Global...the list goes on. They are all wax based (rather than glycerine) which gives them different properties including opacity and resistance to wear. This makes them ideal for body painting.

Diamond FX have taken out any perfume in the products, improved the ingredients and occasionally add some new colours to their vegan range. They make a UV White which is difficult to source elsewhere. It comes as a great surprise to many that ordinary white simply doesn’t work under UV lighting, and just looks light brown. Don’t expect this special white to perform as white under ordinary light, it is almost transparent. Be aware that the UV white may leave a ghost image (only visible under U.V. light) for a few days.

Brushwork with DFX is a delight as it glides on beautifully, and is crisp and opaque with the correct water balance. Sponge work is a bit more difficult as the paint dries quite quickly, so blending can be tricky. However, it's quite possible to 'layer' to blend colours, or catch it quickly before it dries – which helps to speed up your painting! Double loading your sponge with two colours side by side means that both colours are equally damp, and works very well for seamless blending. It's better not to wet the paint, but use a brush dipped in water, or a sponge suitably misted with a spray. Kabuki brushes are excellent for applying over large areas, e.g. body painting.

There are removal issues for darker colours; we mention this in the description for those affected. For those that are concerned about the labelling of the Neon/UV products click here.
We have also added asterisks* to the split cakes that contain Neon/UV colours to help make a quick choice.


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