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Paradise Triple Load Brush and One Stroke Painting

After playing with this brush and getting some interesting effects, we have been wondering how you are supposed to use it! We asked the manufacturers (Mehron) and at last we have a reply, and this is what they say:


Suggestion: Because there are 3 sides to the brush, it is best to mist your paints prior to loading the brush.... because you will have 3 colours that are not necessarily in the same family, re-dipping in water will only remove the colour(s) you have just put on your brush.

Hold the brush like a pencil... with the flat side of the brush facing the bottom. Load any colour you want the centre of your flower (or design) to be. When loading the brush, pull the colour towards you.

Twist your wrist to the right and load another colour onto the brush, with the load stroke going to the right.

Twist your wrist again to the left and load the 3rd colour onto the brush, with the load stroke going to the left.

Starting with the petal from the end (away from the stem) bring the stroke into the centre .. midst this stroke, give a little wrist movement to create a natural petal look. (Similar to the Donna Dewberry 1 stroke flower).


Confused? We were, so we searched for enlightenment and came up with this:

Then we were on a roll, and found all sorts of great stuff on double loading


Can we suggest that you have a You Tube search too? Magic at the end of a brush!

However, whilst her techniques are superb, I was horrified to hear, about 6 minutes into a sickening sales pitch for a new product, that Donna couldn't tell a caller it was OK, but she used her 'high def' acrylics to paint kids in Orlando!!!!!! Definitely NOT recommended by Facepaint UK.

We can hardly believe, all these years later, that the above was written well before the massive onslaught of one-stoke face painting hit our world, we were well ahead of the game! Now there are endless videos specifically for facepainting one-stoke designs using pre-made or home-made split cakes.

The Paradise Triple Load brush is now discontinued, it’s possible you would find something similar in an artist shop