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Sep 1, 2021

Our customers love us!

We thought it would be nice to share what they've said - so here is some 100% genuine feedback (newest at the bottom). If you want to send us some click here.

You can also leave us a Google review if you wish by clicking this link here.

We do get some negative feedback, let's be honest! However, this is usually restricted to problems with Royal Mail, and we once had a furious customer - because we sometimes use (clean) recycled jiffy bags and she got one!!!! We can't get enough of pre-used packaging to recycle and would love to use more, if you have any please consider sending it to us!

What a lovely site you have and the range of products are amazing!


I never realised how magnificent you web site was I can see why it takes so much of your time.


It arrived this morning and am over the moon with my order!! I just love the Grimas brushes..........and thank you so much for organising everything!

Will certainly recommend you to fellow new-starter facepainters.

Best Wishes, Sharon

Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks. I was really impressed with the price of everything on your site (I shop around online and you were consistently cheaper) and was even more pleased when the service and communication exceeded all my expectations. I'll certainly be using you for all my make-up needs from now on and will be recommending you to everyone I know too.
Many Thanks

You are a star, thank you for your help.
I'm very impressed by your customer service.
Kind regards

Just to let you know I received the order this afternoon, many thanks. I got the note letting me know what is to follow. Thanks for the great service.
Kind regards,

Thank you so much for your quick response, its nice to order with companies who care! I've been told my parcel arrived this morning! If I hear of anyone wanting similar products I will be sure to tell them about your fantastic service!
Many thanks

Cannot believe my stuff turned up today !!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT Thank you xx Bibi's the best la la la.. better than all the rest lal lal lal ....Oops perhaps the cough syrup is stronger than I thought ...been in bed all day yesterday with tonsillitis but hey who cares I have paint and all day to practice !!
Love T xx

Thank you so much for the fast delivery of my order, it arrived at 7.45 this morning, in less than 24 hours!!!!!.

This has been a really superb example of your great customer service. Will probably never bother going into a shop again as this gets me everything I want without having to go and get it myself.
p.s the dark red Grimas is as you state brilliant for flowers !!!!

Thank you for the very speedy despatch of my order for a latex witch nose etc, which arrived this morning. The nose is PERFECT and I am looking forward to wearing it in our village's forthcoming Pantomime! Excellent service and high quality goods, thank you. DL

Just wanted to say thank you for my order! I’m thrilled with it all and once again chuffed to bits with how speedily you get things in the post.

Thanks again…I think your website is great.


Again, congrats on your site – have spent all morning researching practically all the other uk-sites I could find and yours is BY FAR the best – your comments and advice are invaluable – you have a new convert. Thanks again

Thanks very much I will return the other brush as soon as possible. I received the replacement 1 today and I have to say how very impressed I have been with you level of service. The new brush does look a lot better then the previous one.
Thank you for any help you are able to provide and thank you again for your excellent service.


Thank you so much for your lightning quick response to my order of black tooth enamel which arrived early the next morning.
Best Wishes


I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting my order out so fast!! I was amazed by the quick turn around! Will definately shop with you again soon.


I so love what you are doing make up supplies BY MAKE UP artists. The web site is SO informative, and your descriptions of the qualities of the paints/brushes are so spot on and reliable.
thank you so much. Mike

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. Thank you for spending the time to think of the best option for me. It worked out perfectly. I really appreciate it. I will definitely be using your company again. Thanks again


I've just checked and I think I owe you an apology. I was getting your site confused with the other one that went bust recently, which I didn't receive a reply from a contact form - not surprising really.
I would be quite happy to post another message on the forum saying that I made a mistake, but I think that might look a bit weird. Lisa

Thanks for getting my last order to me so quickly - arrived just in time for my work this weekend - fantastic service as ever!!!!


Thank you for your wonderful service and prompt replies. I really appreciate it. You are a pleasure to deal with. . . .
Yes that is the correct address. So nice to deal with someone overseas who is fast and keeps me up to date. Much appreciated.

All the best!
Paul (Australia)

I just wanted to say thank you for the super fast delivery of my package especially with Christmas being just tomorrow!! Absolutely Brilliant service. I am very glad to have chosen you. :)


Thank you Thank you thank you!
Everything was fantastic and I booked more events from using my new gear!

Thank you for the great communication and the superfast delivery!
I will definitely be using your site again!!!!

Gillian x

Hi, thanks for the advice over the phone, very pleased with the service. Very friendly and helpful, thats what makes the difference. Will certainly be using you for more products.... Thanks Again.


Thanks – my system was down so I didn’t get your message yesterday, but the package arrived this morning. Thanks for an excellent service!

Hi no worries, they must be stocking up for Christmas! Thanks for refund...and as always, a really great service.

Take care

Thank you so much - prompt as ever - received my order today - less than 24 hours after I placed the order!

Thanks again xx


Hi! I just paid the shipping cost, let me know it's all okay. Thank you again for quick service, it's always a pleasure to order from Facepaint-uk.

R L (Finland)

I've placed a palette you recommended in cool colours and a UV one. I love your products and they are great quality. I assume my item was posted so it was too late to exchange it. It will come in handy and added to my collection.

Looking forward to getting all my palettes so I can play with them and test them out at college. We have an animal high fashion, so I will use them.

I love Facepaint UK. You have excellent products and service. And we do use a lot of your products at college.

Take care and have a nice day.

Kind regards

Got the Facepaints, thanks a million, they are really great and your own descriptions of the colours really help. Thanks so much, I'm delighted with them!

Sara T

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the speedy delivery, I have my new goodies for my weekend face painting jobs J. Couldn’t resist having a quick play with the metallic diamond fx white, I think we are going to be good friends so thank you for your advice on which sparkly white to try. I found a full pot of Grimas pearl white squirreled away just before I placed my order so I didn’t need to order any more in the end.

Bye for now

Thank you for your prompt and helpful service, it is so nice dealing with a company like yours, and a very rare quality these days.


Wonderful, thanks for all your help, I'll probably be placing an order this evening.

For an Internet company your service is superb, thank you


As usual I need this ASAP. I don't see Paradise black but if you happen to have even 1 could you add it to my order? Thanks. I also want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the first class service that I've received. It is wonderfully stress free and it's a real pleasure dealing with you. Giselle

Many thanks for another superfast delivery, your service is superb!


oh thanks!!!
you're really a fairy godmother for me !
thanks for all your answers, your favours and taken many of your time !!!!!!!!!!!!
really enjoyed by your shop !!!!
thank thank thank !!

Aurelie (France)

Brilliant - thank you - excellent service once again :o)

I absolutely LOVE the kabuki brushes, (thanks for recommending them) - and got quite "carried away" trying different effects with them on the photo session yesterday;
(I'll e-mail a photo if I get any good ones back;)

Thanks so much for being just the best supplier a face/bodypainter could hope for.
Mike xx

I got the paints (and chocolate treats today).

Thank you very much for dispatching so quickly.

Amazing customer service, all round, you guys should win an award.


Sarah R

Thank you for taking the time to help me 10/10 for customer service!!!
Claire D

May I say how pleased I was (if initially confused) to see that you guys recycle packaging when sending stuff - we need more companies to do this!

Miranda R


Giselle R

Fantastic customer service!! Will be using this shop for all of my face painting needs from now on.

I was able to order online and then pick up (by arrangement) on the same day! This saved my life! I have a busy event tomorrow and had forgotten I’d run out of rainbow split cakes.

I was given a call back from the shop to make sure everything was ok and was met in the street with my order so I didn’t have to pay for parking!


Thanks very much!! 😊

Tracie B

I’d like to thank facepaint-uk for amazing service!

I’ve managed to make a mistake in my shipping address, and having placed the order in the middle of the night, I received an email asking to confirm the address on my way to the office following morning.

I was delighted to see the package delivered next day, securely sealed. The quality of the products is +++++! I couldn’t stop trying it out having half of my arm covered in metallic, fluorescent and other colours. I wish I’d order more!

Thank you,


Fantastic website, its colourful, easy to navigate as well as providing high quality items with speedy delivery. I cant recommend this site enough will definitely be using again.

Thank you and your team for the fantastic work.

Yours sincerely,

Adam H

Absolutely thrilled with the kit - has everything I can possibly need to grab and go! Quality and contents contained In the kit are good quality and value. However, Daniel’s AMAZING and highly impressive friendly and efficient customer service is the complete icing on the cake.

Thank you Daniel - you are a mega star 🌟


Superb. I ordered after hours on Monday and early Tuesday received a very apologetic email notifying me that some of my order was awaiting delivery. I was given the choice of a full refund or short delay and I chose the latter; I’m very glad I did. Facepaint UK kept me updated re progress and by Friday I had received my full and very sensibly packaged order (environmentally sensible material). Thanks to Daniel for his excellent communication, I will be very happy to use this company in the future.

With thanks

Paul J

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