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Alex Hansen Airbrush Special

We are very fortunate to again have a fantastic specialist guest tutor, World Champion Airbrush Bodypainter, the Brazilian artist Alex Hansen.

This class will be held in Brixton, London.

His work can be seen at the website

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The 2 day class will inlcude:

* The A B C's of airbrushing, (Cleaning and knowing your airbrush in and out)
* Knowing your Equipment (from compressors to what airbrush to use)
* Highlighting and shading to create fold in fabrics, bubbles and and 3D imagery (hems, seams, creases etc.)
* Selecting the right type of product for the right job,
* Creating Stencils and complex designs
* Using patterns and stencils to make fabrics look realistic,
* Painting effective, accurate logos and repeat patterns, (with stencils.)
* Creating smooth and beautiful line work,
* Trompe l'oeil and faux-finis
* How to work with models and photographers to get the images you want

The first day is angled at simple steps, the second for those that wish to explore further.

Alex describes his teaching methods:
"I like to teach in a hands on way, I demonstrate the design and techniques by painting a model and get students to join is as they understand how the process works in a very hands on workshop. So the finished piece is something we have all created. You are of course welcome to observe only should you prefer, or you may wish to bring your own model and test drive your skills with plenty of advice creating your design, alongside mine, on your own model. Whichever way you decide to go you'll have lots of hands on work and plenty of chance to watch techniques in action and to get personalized advice from me.

When I work I use a range of techniques covering a mixture of Airbrush, sponge and stencil techniques , so if you are not experienced in airbrushing (or don't have the equipment) then don't fear as I'll show you simple and smart ways of using the airbrush!

As well as the painting element I'll also advise you on getting work in this exciting field, embracing press opportunities and making them work for you, creating a fabulous portfolio, sourcing photographers and models, working with photographers (how to get what you want and not what they want!) and how to make bodypainting a foundation stone in your career."

There will be a maximum of  8 places available and we expect them to go fast! Bring your own airbrush and compressor if you have them, or contact us to make arrangements for them to be provided.

Light vegetarian lunch and refreshments are included in the cost.