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Christmas Party Quiz

Mar 15, 2017

Test yourself with the quiz we had at our Christmas Party (held at The Oval hence the oval orientated questions!). No Prizes, it's just for fun.

1. What sport is played at the Oval?

2. What is the title of the latest Harry Potter Film?

3. What is the part of the body between the nose and the top lip called?

4. Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain is an acronym for what?

5. What are the 3 colours that cannot be made by mixing?
- ..
- ..
- ..
6. What are the 3 secondary colours?
- ..
- ..
- ..
7. What is a tint and a tone?

8. Who painted this oval Madonna?

9. What oval character did the cavalry fail to save?

10. What is the name of the Tory Leader?

14. Who has an Oval Office?

15. What do these ingredients make? Malt extract, Eggs and Milk.?

16. Who wrote the Narnia Books?

17. How much is Twenty nine bob and seven pence in decimal money?

18. Who is this? and

19. What is the most popular little girls' facepaint design?

20. What is another name for Black Light?

21. How many words can you make out of CHRISTMAS
......1 point for 10
......2 points for 15
......5 points for more than fifteen

22. Who designed this oval tapestry?

23. and where is it?

24. What year was the Congestion Charge introduced in London?

25. How many rings in the Olympic Games Logo?

26. Where is the other Oval cricket ground?

27. What are the symbols for the elements Silver and Gold?

28. What is the title of this year's Turner Prize winning piece of art?

29. What is sacrificed for what cause in Harbin?

30. What was the original purpose of the building which houses the Saatchi Gallery and the London Aquarium?

31. Who is this?

32. And what product is the image used to advertise?

33. What do the following initials stand for







34. Who is this? And what is she famous for?

35. What is the fourth recognised face shape? Square, Round, Heart,....

36. What oval shaped piece of equipment do artists traditionally use?

37. Where are questions 11, 12 and 13?

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