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Facepaint UK Kits

All the kits are now around 10% less than buying the ingredients separately! We don't put rubbish brushes in our kits, proper brushes are important, and not cheap. All contain water-based paints suitable for painting on children. In general, we do not recommend that children under 3 years old have their faces painted.

Our very basic kits are enough for you to paint at one or two events, with some left over for playing later, or for occasional use at home. Grimas paints are highly pigmented so you don't need a thick covering of paint to get fantastic bright colours and coverage. All of our kits include a spray bottle, you will get far superior results if you spray your sponges to dampen them. The unique Facepaint UK wedge sponges that we include are best used on the rounded side.

We endeavour to provide the bags/containers illustrated but may need to substitute an alternative from time to time.

For detail information on our kits please visit our Facepaint UK Kits page here.


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