About Facepaint UK

After over 20 years of providing products and services to the face painting industry online, we have a brand new website at last!

As the world moves on, and some of our groundbreaking and unique offerings have become redundant, we have adjusted our focus to presenting an honest and informative place to shop for the essentials that every face painter needs, and few interesting extras!

Bibi Freeman is proud to have founded and developed Facepaint UK. She has over 25 years’ experience in facepainting and has delighted in the positive developments with amazement, involvement and stained fingers! She has met and made many friends and colleagues in the facepainting world, the painters (of course), the makers and sellers of the tools of the trade and most importantly, painted many customers, big and small.

Facepaint UK has become a family business as Bibi’s son Daniel (one of her first and best models) has very efficiently taken over the day to day running of the show since she escaped for a country life. We believe we will continue to be valued for our high standards in customer service and well informed advice.

The London School of Facepainting became the prime training facility for many years, and the industry has benefitted enormously from the seeds that were sown. We have regrettably ceased to offer classes, every story has an ending. However, there are plans afoot to offer alternative learning opportunities and events.

We have never forgotten the "end user" - the face that gets painted. We are primarily concerned that face painting is as safe as possible, and promote it as a practical and rewarding creative art with few stylistic boundaries, an activity that is fun for the artist as well as the moving canvas.

There has been fantastic feedback about this site, thank you all! Everyone likes appreciation, and it can be hard work. If you like what you see, please help to support us by shopping here liberally. We will happily answer your questions about our products, what's best to use, which brush will do what etc. if you can’t find the information here by email.