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Inside The Reference Library - Aliens

Mar 15, 2017

Reference Library

We have shelves and disks groaning with accumulated ideas for facepainting and product information. When you're groaning with frustration, let us know - a groan shared is a groan halved and the shelf gets a break too! Even if we don't know the best product to use, we will be fascinated to find out!

Please email your request for an image and we will send a jpeg image to your email address with notes if necessary for you to paint your own version. Pictures supplied from the library cannot be reproduced or published in any form without permission.

Describe the image you need in as much detail as possible eg "I'm doing a Willy Wonka party can you suggest some images suitable for the five year old guests?"

It is quite important to state the approximate age of your models as some images are more complicated than a five year old can sit for, a solution for the same problem on a supermodel might require something more sophisticated. We regularly feature different images from the reference library, to whet your appetite.

(This was an offer made to our previous members, no longer available!)

And, to help you to help us to help you... we do want to help, and we have lots of resources to share but the Reference Library is not designed to respond to requests for 'bog standard' designs, perhaps think about buying one of the many books available if you are starting out but not sure how to paint a tiger or a dog, or take a course at The London School of Facepainting. Also, please do not ask for broad themes like 'animal' designs, there are thousands! Try to narrow it down to one or two animals that you are having problems with. Neither is this a design service, if you have been commissioned to design to a brief, either do it, or pass the commission on to someone else who can. ;-)



The following is for people not of a nervous disposition, just to prove a silly point.


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