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Telford Convention 2005

Mar 15, 2017

The facepaint uk standAre you thinking about going to the Telford Convention this year? Wondering what goes on? So did we, and we finally went last year - and had a ball! So we thought we'd tell you about it.We were due to launch facepaint-uk.com, and it seemed the perfect time and place to do it. Deep breath, deep pockets, over-loaded little car with bits of fairy costumes flapping on top of the stock and away we went northbound.

It's about as far as we thought, up the M40 a bit further than Birmingham, left a bit towards Wales, but the directions to the hotel didn't work so we did a couple of tours of the back end of Telford!It was the 3rd year that Rosey Jones of Rainbow Faces had organised this, and it looks like she's on the road to a winner. It struck us as copying the format of the American conventions, but if it ain't broke, why fix it? The success of this kind of event really depends on great organisation, good numbers of delegates, and quality demonstrators. This had it all.

We were so fortunate to be set up in the Trader's Room sandwiched between the remarkable Wolfe Brothers and the delightful Jinny, with "our mate" Raphaelle Fieldhouse joining us to create her fantastic fairy body paint complete with "no strings wings" for the Saturday night ball. This was facepainters' heaven!Which was good, because, as traders we were a bit stuck in the Trader's Room, but Rosey ensures that this is not just a line of stalls. However, the formal demonstrations rolled on to schedule with amplification and big video screens so that everyone can hear and get a good view (and the demonstrators can scare themselves!), I popped into a few and was impressed.

Brian Wolfe at workThe only problem was, how to leave part way through without it looking like I wasn't interested! Every level is catered for, and anyone could benefit from everything that I saw. There is nothing quite like seeing a masterpiece develop, and being talked though the process. To be able to ask questions is also a bonus; it's all quite down to earth and friendly, small enough audiences to be intimate and no super egos in sight! This year's theme is "The Land of Comics and Super Heroes", but I hope that won't adversely affect anyone. This year there will be not one, but two demonstration rooms, a workshop room and plans for a body painting room so that no-one can be unwittingly offended! And there will be far too much to see in a quite respectable way too.

Heather, Zoe and BibiLast year it was Fairy, Pixie and Fantasy Land, and yes, we all went there! We excelled ourselves as you can see. Caro made her costume specially, but is still wondering whether people think she's really that fat! Bibi seems to remember winning some sort of prize, probably the clumsiest fairy after knocking all the chocolates out of the chocolate fairy's basket!(sorry Toni) Tini Scholes

Your facepainting Fairy Godmothers
The food was surprisingly good, and once we'd pressed them into re-opening the bar after midnight, (great teamwork Bibi & Zoe!) a jolly good time was had by the late crowd. A visiting (male) golfing party didn't know what hit them, but they were fun and up for dancing with every sort of fairy on offer.
This year the event is scheduled for the 3rd to 5th November so we expect some fireworks!

Raph painting with Gary pulling the wings off the poor fairy

Shannon Fennell at work
If competitions are your thing, there is "International Face Painter of the Year" (won by Shannon Fennell last year) with 3 categories, Experienced, Novice and Youth, a 2 Colour Challenge, and Best Costume for the ball.

Liz BylettHow did she manage that?Carol by Jinny


Nick and Brian Wolfe on each other, a question of who's who

To find out more about this year go to Rosey's site where you can also get a booking form, chat, find out about all the demonstrators and see lots of lovely pictures. It's not cheap, as ever the hotel accommodation bumps the cost up. If you have friends or family locally, the day delegate price is just £125 for 3 days, and there are lots of packages and options available for less. There are also private classes with Jodie Carr, Lynne Jamieson and Jinny after the convention, but it seems these are selling out already.Magazine Cover 2005You can buy the magazine with more illustrated features on last year's event here at facepaint-uk. We think it's slightly overpriced, but for collectors it's a must have. Below is our gallery of some amazing fairies and other strange creatures from the ball. You might recognise some of them from the facepaint uk directory! We've definitely booked to go again, see you there?
Lynne Jamieson


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