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Tiger Step by Step

Mar 15, 2017

This is the basic Tiger that we teach at The London School of Face Painting. It is not just a beginners Tiger, we all need to be able to do a very fast tiger for busy queues as well as the beautiful designs that facepainters sent in for the competition. Even the most simple face paint will look good if the paint is applied well.

First step is to sponge orange around the outside of the face then yellow across the centre of the face blending the two colours seamlessly together. "Blush" cheeks and temples with chestnut brown, Grimas 1075 works well ,and blend into the make up so that there are no hard lines just colours softly flowing into each other.

Sponge white on either side of the top lip this should be clean white and in a neatly defined area to give the impression of a muzzle. Sponge white above the eyes too. Define the eye area with flowing black lines. Use a no 8 brush and bring the lines to a point by lifting the brush so that you just use the tip, press for the full width of the brush.

Place flowing black lines around the face radiating out from the centre of the face.

Decide on the mouth shape you want to use.

Paint in whisker dots, we reccomend using a Grimas S2 brush for fool proof perfect dots. Give your tiger a pink nose and bottom lip.

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