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NOVA Synthetic Brushes (Set of 7)

Product Code: 7-08-NSet7


da Vinci

Exclusive to Facepaint UK - A set of 7 essential NOVA synthetic brushes.
Good for face painters who haven't taken the plunge into sable and with their great quality and nice price NOVA synthetics are very popular and we recommend them often.

'NOVA brushes are of an extraordinary elasticity, due to our mix of expertly shaped synthetic fibres of different diameters it enhances the colour-absorbing capacity and gives clean, even brush strokes. The elastic fibres also maintain their shape after heavy use.'

1 x No.2 - W:2.05mm L:11.5mm
2 x No.4 - W:2.85mm L:16mm
2 x No.6 - W:3.90mm L:20mm
Short Round:
1 x No.6 - W:3.90mm L:13.2mm
1 x No.8 - W:8.5mm L:12mm