What sort of face paint should I look for?

Face paints are really water based make-up. Do buy professional quality paints, we recommend Grimas make-up as a good all-round product, but all the main brands: - Grimas, Kryolan, Paradise, Fardel and DFX are fine to use, and are all sold here. Application techniques do vary according to the product/brand.

Cheap face paints sold in 'blister packs' are quite often a sort of coloured soap, not dangerous, but is unlikely to give the results illustrated. Sometimes they ARE dangerous, there have been product recalls several times. Don't be tempted by crayon sticks which tend to be grease based, drag on the skin, give a disappointing result and can be difficult to remove. Some products produced for annual occasions such as Halloween have been known to contain paint pigments that are difficult to remove or stain the skin. It's best to buy your products from an outlet that regularly sells good quality face paints, not your local garage!

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