MICRO MAXI KIT - Small Image


Product Code: 01-0-SK5MMK



This one features all the Grimas 2.5ml taster colours, you can add to these as you discover your favourite colours, the larger Grimas 15ml size clip onto the same trays when the smaller size is finished. This is the ideal way to develop as a face painter, your kit grows with you!
It is also the business as a second kit when space is limited and you are expected to set up on a handkerchief, or want to travel light.

  • 12 colour 'B' palette (2.5ml of each colour)
  • 12 colour Pearlised palette (2.5ml of each colour)
  • 6 colour matt palette
  • 32g Diamond FX white for brushwork
  • 32g Diamond FX black for brushwork
  • Set of 8 Da Vinci Junior brushes
  • Facepaint UK Plastic Brush Tube
  • Spray bottle
  • 24 Wedge sponges in zipped mesh bag
  • 2 x FPUK glitters
  • 1 x 6 tray with C2 pot for water and
  • 4 x small stacking trays for glitter holders
  • Small mirror
  • Pink zipped bag (no handle)

We have found that white and black are the most used colours, so we have provided more of these. Diamond FX white is great for white that stays white over other colours, and the black is the best for solid black linework. However we suggest you use the Grimas black provided near the eyes on young children as the DFX black can be harder to remove, it needs plenty of soap, and soap stings the eyes!

All this for an amazing £119.00!

A great set of colours and everything you need for fantastic faces.

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