101 Black Cake make-up 30g - Small Image

101 Black Cake make-up 30g

Product Code: 01-030.00101



Black cake make-up, ideal for Black and White Cats as a base, or Venom also useful for shading with a dry brush.

Cake Make-up gives a smooth base, ideal for painting over with no colour transfer.
Apply with a slightly damp sponge.

"You apply Cake Make-up with a slightly damp make-up sponge. If you work with too much moisture, streaks will form.
Cake Make-up dries quickly, so you need to work quickly to achieve a nice result. If the result is not even, turn the sponge that you worked with over and use the clean side to even out the make-up. Any stripes after drying can be gently rubbed away with a soft tissue, cloth, or dry sponge."