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Modeling Putty/Wax and Fixitve

Product Code: 4-M-MW/F


0.5 oz Professional Modeling Putty / Wax with 0.125 oz Fixative developed by Mehron is used by Special Effects Makeup Artists to create 3-dimensional effects for character makeup. Mehron has developed a new softer formula that gives the Modelling Wax/Putty greater flexibility and is easier to use when creating finer details.
Modelling Wax/Putty can be applied using Spirit Gum or Fixative "A", another Mehron exclusive.

A pliable combination of traditional nose putty and modeling wax which, after sculpting, will keep its molded shape.

How to use this product:
Warm Putty/Wax on palm, mold wax to desired shape and apply to skin. Blend edges into the skin. Seal with Fixative.

Remove by peeling off as much product as possible. Remove remaining product with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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