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Baby Wipes

Sep 1, 2021

We have been concerned for a long time about problems with baby wipes that a lot of people use to remove face paint. These should not be used on the face, they sometimes contain alcohol and can sting or bring on a rash.

Some contain oils which will interfere with your paint application. Some smell like rotten eggs when exposed to air (we’ve noticed this primarily with Johnson’s). Often people think they or their child are allergic to the paint if they have a reaction after removal of paint, and that baby wipes are ok for babies so can't be a problem can they? Well they can.

Huggies have brought out a product called Huggies Pure, we've tried them and they seem very good. They are approved for use on the face, but we would still advise washing with water afterwards.

The problem ingredient may well be a preservative called methylisothiazolinone (MI) and most brands are removing it after a lot of press interest in some terrible reactions. Do check if it's in wipes that you are using, and don't. Simple kitchen roll sprayed with clean water may be a good alternative for any cleaning or removal of 'errors' whilst you are painting. A dampened flannel with pre-applied soap may be better for cleaning your hands 'on the job'. Some people use alcohol based hand sanitizers, but these can dry the natural oils out of your skin and cause problems from over-exposure as well.

Pre-moistened wipes of any kind are fantastic for cleaning your kit with worryingly magical paint removing properties. Just not on the face.

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