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Face Painted Fairies

Sep 27, 2021

We are pleased to stock these little book of designs by Suzanne, an inspirational artist if ever we saw one. There are sweet stories about each fairy illustrated, and althought the book is small, the pictures are clear and the designs simple enough not to need any further explanation, which is good because there is none! A book for every facepainter's kit we think, and compact enough to take with you!

Suzanne Mykolajenko grew up on a farm in Healesville,

Victoria where she spent her childhood seeking out the little people she so vividly imagined living in every corner of every room, garden, or haystack.

Naturally creative, art school beckoned, followed by 10 successful years as a graphic designer for the printing industry.

In The Little Storybook of Face Painted Fairies, Suzanne has created simple and effective designs to suggest a fairy face, that brings alive the stories she used to tell her daughter when she was little. These delightful books are sure to appeal to all ages. Children will love the gentle stories and colourful images; face painters and parents will be inspired to reproduce these lovely designs which are so quick and easy to paint.

Suzanne lives with her husband and daughter in Willetton, Western Australia where she spends as much time as possible up to her elbows in art.

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