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How to Choose Your Face Painter

Sep 28, 2021

If you are looking to hire a professional face painter, it can be confusing and difficult to select who would be best for your special event. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide on who to choose:Look at the photos of their work; this will give you an idea of their style and skill.

  • Pricing. Generally painters will quote for each client taking into account distance, day (weekends are usually more) and the number of children attending, or whatever works for them. Very rarely would they quote simply ‘by the hour’.
  • The average speed is around 10 faces per hour. Check that the painter can complete the number at your event in the time available. You may wish to consider booking two or more face painters if you have a lot of customers. Ask the face painter if they have a colleague they would recommend as they will prefer to work with someone they know.
  • Some professional face painters are a member of FACE, the Face Painting Association and have passed a certification test for speed, quality and working practices, and agree to abide by a code of practice. You can find out more information about FACE here: www.facepaint.co.uk However, members are a small minority of painters available, and membership does not necessarily reflect superior professionalism or expertise.
  • Be aware that the internet may not come up with results that are local to you. Look to see if location is mentioned. Distance will affect cost and it will waste everybody’s time if you are the other end of the country!
  • Check that the painter has Public Liability Insurance if you require it. Ask for a copy of their cover document to be sent to you.
  • In general, face painters do not need to be DBS checked. They are usually self-employed, and cannot ‘check themselves’! Anyone who does have a DBS check is unlikely to have it from professional face painting activities.
  • Try to ensure that the person you choose to contact is the person that attends your event. Many painters operate businesses that send out other painters, whose work they do not feature on their websites!
  • Make a note of your needs and preferences. Speak to the face painter before confirming a booking.Look at our booking advice below in order to get the best from your face painter.


  • Remember to ask if they will bring their own table and chair/s if you do not have any available. Facepainters are adults and cannot work from those cute little children's chairs!
  • If you know that parking is difficult or expensive, or the local one way system is fiendish, and the painter is arriving by car (with table & chairs for example) make suitable arrangements or at least warn them - they will arrive in a much better mood!
  • If you are setting up outdoors, let the painter know. Even on a fine day it can get chilly sitting still, and they will dress accordingly.
  • Don't expect the painter to work longer than you booked them for; they may need to get back to their own children, have another booking to get to, or just paced themselves to the end time.
  • If the painter agrees to stay longer (perhaps because you have more children than expected) they will expect to be paid for the extra time.


  1. Are they available on ____ date for ____ location?
  2. Describe your event (private house party for 10 children aged about 8/public event with 1 million attending/adult hen party) and ask what they could do.
  3. What they will charge?
  4. How they would like to be paid?
  5. How do you confirm the booking?
  6. What happens if you need to cancel?
  7. Do they have any special requirements?
  8. Check that you have a mobile phone number if they have one.


  1. Can you do 40 children in an hour? Let the painter tell you what they can achieve.
  2. What’s your best price? They will have thought very carefully about what they need to charge to make their business worthwhile.
  3. My friend is a face painter, can they use your paints and help you to speed things up? Just no.


  1. Your address and phone number and the address of the event if different.
  2. What time it starts and when it is expected to end.
  3. How many children you expect, and if they are mostly boys or girls.
  4. The age range of the children, face painting is not suitable for under 2's, most painters do not paint under 3's.
  5. If you have a theme, tell them, they can prepare ideas.
  6. If you need them to bring furniture.
  7. If you need them to bring lighting.
  8. If you have booked another face painter.
  9. If you have booked another entertainer, you can discuss how they could work together.
  10. If your event is outdoors.
  11. Your mobile phone number on the day, if you have one.


  1. Loud music, and being put next to the speakers.
  2. Not enough space to work in.
  3. Being unexpectedly put outside in winter (or burning sun).
  4. Being asked if their paint is safe.
  5. Being asked to paint babes in arms.
  6. Being expected to look after a room full of children whilst painting, not an adult in sight.
  7. Being asked to stop painting whilst the entertainer performs for an hour, but still expected to paint all 30 children.
  8. Being told there will be 30 children, but 50 turn up, and all want to be painted.
  9. Party not starting for an hour after they arrive. They will still have to leave as arranged.
  10. Trying to find the person who booked them to get paid.

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