Diamond FX White Neon 10g (Cosmetic) - Small Image

Diamond FX White Neon 10g (Cosmetic)

Product Code: 3-DFXN80-R


Diamond FX

080c (Cosmetic) White Neon refill 10g for their palettes.
One of the few neon whites available. Be aware that the U.V. white may leave a ghost image (only visible under U.V. light) for a few days. Not white until under UV light.

From the Cosmetic range "The Diamond FX Neon Cosmetic collection is formulated with EEC and FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients and suitable for cosmetic use. Our cosmetic neon paints are a little less bright in blacklight than our other neon paints."

DFX is a wax-based, water activated facepaint that's ideal for body painting!