We have found this to be the best all round face painting product. Our descriptions of each product give you a little extra information when you're choosing.

The face paints are a glycerine based product, the matt colours have good opacity and are easy to apply with a sponge. The black and white have been surpassed by other brands for linework, (we suggest Paradise or DFX) but remain our preferred product for sponging bases.

The pearlised colours are the best thing ever for quick and lovely princess bases and more, they are translucent with a gentle sheen. The metallic colours (Gold 702 and Silver 701) are not the same. In general, the consistency of Grimas face paint is good; they don't melt or dry out in the sun and have a high pigment content so a little goes a very long way. The colours are bright and the packaging is wonderful.

The little pots clip onto trays that can stack onto another tray so that setting up and packing away is a doddle, no lids to match to pots, and 12 colours at a time magically appear (or disappear). They are very robust to suit us seasoned travellers, and the whole range comes in the same format. They are so good that we use Grimas products as the mainstay of our face painting kits.

Their ‘Cake Make-up’ is designed to be used almost dry as a sponged base. It is very easy to apply with super-smooth coverage, and can be painted over without colour transfer, even black over white. It also acts as a barrier against potential staining.

Grimas also produce theatre make-up. These are known as creams (or crèmes) and appear similar to the water-based face paints. However, they perform completely differently, are applied with a latex sponge (or brush) and need to be fixed with a powder. They also need to be removed with a cream, theirs is called Afschmink. They are sweat proof and water proof.

Products that have and asterisk * after their name are SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

We do not hold stock of these product but can obtain it within a week. Please allow extra time for despatch when including with your order. We will be in contact to advise delivery details.

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P10 powder brush

P20 powder brush

Red sable V4

Red sable V6

Red sable V8

Red sableV10

Red sable brushes MR00

Red sable brushes MR0

Red sable brushes MR1

Red sable brushes MR2

Red sable brushes MR4

Red sable brushes MR6

S2 synthetic brush Black

S2 synthetic brush Original

S6 synthetic brush

SL6 synthetic brush

SV6 synthetic brush

Lambswool Powder Puff

Pack of 3 square sponges

50 Packs of 3 square sponges

High density make-up sponge

100 High density make-up sponges

Coarse Stipple Sponge

Fine Stipple Sponge

Velour powder puff

Latex Sponges

Teardrop Sponge


Applicator heads

Sponge Applicator

Applicator set

Plastic spatula

Derma wax spatula

Stacking A12 (Closed)

Transparent Stacking A12 (Closed)

Transparent Stacking A4 (Closed)

Stacking A6 (Closed)

15ml Grimas Lid

Stacking C1

Stacking System C2 pot

25/60ml Grimas Lid

Transparent Stacking System C3 pot

Stacking System Water Bowl

Stacking System 60ml Empty Pot

Showing 901 to 944 of 944