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Sep 28, 2021

It is pretty essential that face painters are covered by Public Liability Insurance if they are working professionally, but not a legal requirement.

Even a friend may feel like suing you if you spill black paint over their white shag pile. Insurance is not there to compensate people who develop an allergy, it is to compensate for accidents and accidents can happen.

Insurers will expect you to use professional products that are designed for application to the skin, in the manner advised. This includes glitter, which should be cosmetic grade. Other glitters could irritate the skin or scratch the eye.

Insurance companies/brokers that we know of that cover face painters at a reasonable cost are Blackfriars, Country Mutual, Fortis and Rees Astley.

Equity also does insurance cover, if you are a performer you may qualify for membership, it is certainly worth investigating. Many facepainters are now Equity members. They also provide legal support and assistance with difficult or unreasonable clients and payment collection.

Bectu, the Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union also has arrangements for low cost insurance if you are a member. Again, there is a degree of professional support for members.

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